Bullet Dome Race Swimming Caps

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The Bullet Silicone Swim Cap

It is suitable for swimmers of all ages and skill levels who participate in swimming races. Caps tailored to your head that are perfect for customising.


  • Colors are available in a wide range

  • Long-haired swimmers can wear hats designed to fit them

  • Screens are free on all hats (subject to artwork sighting)

  • Custom printed all swim hats

  • Print up to 7 colours

“Super dome swim cap design” with a crown shape, the Bullet or Moulded Silicone Swimming Caps are made from 100% top quality silicone. They can be printed customised no problem.

In addition to delivering a close and hydrodynamic fit, the cap is durable and comfortable, making it an essential part of every swimmer’s kit.

Putting on and taking off these caps is easy, and they feel smooth and soft against the skin. These caps certainly protect the hair from chlorine, salt, and other chemicals present in swimming pool water. Whether you are a serious swimmer or a recreational one, this is the perfect choice. 

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Custom Printed Competition Swimming Caps