Custom Polyester swimming caps

Custom printed cloth polyester swimming caps

The cloth or polyester Nylon Swim Caps are a Nylon type material with anticorrosion perfect for all swimmers but very good for littles swimmers – and swim schools. OR consider 30g silicone caps.

  • Colours are available in a wide range

  • Long-haired swimmers can wear hats designed to fit them

  • Screens are free on all hats (subject to artwork sighting)

  • Custom printed all swim hats

  • Print up to 7 colours

1.   They can be branded and printed upon.

2. These caps are Eco-friendly, Non-toxic, odourless, stable.

3. Work well in all Temperature ranges, such as hot pools.

4. They have a Anti-dust material with good flexibility

5. They have a Soft feeling, comfortable, durable design.

Get A printed customised swimming cap qoute today

The perfec tswim caps for swim schools, and small childeren