Super Q 50g Swimming Caps

Classic 50g swimming caps

50g Swim Caps

It is the perfect swimming cap to promote swimming clubs, it is a super strong swimming cap, long lasting, 50g, great for printing onto, looks great, and we can have them fully printed within 7-10 days.

  • Colors are available in a wide range

  • Long-haired swimmers can wear hats designed to fit them

  • Screens are free on all hats (subject to artwork sighting)

  • Custom printed all swim hats


The long-lasting swim cap

Classic Silicone Swim Caps have many uses, they are long lasting, and they are great for printing, so they are a great choice for triathlon teams.

Triathlon teams may be interested in our swimming-related products. Are you a swimming club or a triathlon team? Discounted prices are available.


Due to its one-size-fits-all design, this silicone swim cap is suitable for adults & children, offering maximum comfort and performance.

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