Super flextible 30g swimming caps

Super soft 30g swimming caps

Super Soft Silicone Swim Caps 30g

We offer the Super Soft Swimming Cap if you’re looking for a swim cap on a budget. You can use it if you run an open water swimming event. The silicone material is .30g, making it an excellent low-cost cap.

Our most popular swim cap for people on a budget is the Super Soft Swimming Cap. Its a perfect low cost cap if your running an open water swimming event.

Running a Swim School?

If you are running a swim school the super soft silicone swim cap is the best cap to choose.Super and soft for little heads. OR consider a 50g swimming cap, much thicker.

Perfect-Fitting Event Caps

30g Swim caps made from super soft silicone are perfect for open water swim events, but also swim schools and swimming programs.

Super soft 30g caps are also perfect for swim schools, school, or swimming clubs, they also act as a perfect promotional swim cap.

  • Colors are available in a wide range

  • Long-haired swimmers can wear hats designed to fit them

  • Screens are free on all hats (subject to artwork sighting)

  • Custom printed all swim hats

  • Print up to 7 colours

Perfect swimming caps for swim schjools, low cost budgets, swimming events

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